Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Salemtown Neighbors steps up game, CM Gilmore asks MDHA for streetscape report by the end of the week

At last night's monthly business meeting I reported on MDHA's progress (and lack thereof) on the overextended Salemtown streetscape project (funded by a federal community block grant) from my vantage as a CAC rep over the life of the project. Salemtown Neighbors resolved to send MDHA a letter asking them to finish all of the elements that CAC reps had identified as broken or incomplete even though MDHA declared the project complete and many of the conditions addressed.

Also, CM Erica Gilmore followed up this morning on community criticism of MDHA by asking their project manager for a report with details of all of the completed items by Friday.

In related news, MDHA finally repaired the damaged traffic calming bulb this week. That curb bump out was perhaps oldest and most reported problem-in-need-of-a-solution.

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