Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Former council member sues CM Jamie Hollin and others in part over hyper-local blogging

If you thought that Pam Murray would go quietly after not demanding a recount in her East Nashville recall election last year, think again:
In a suit filed late yesterday in Davidson County Circuit Court, Pamela Murray, who represented District 5 from 2003 to 2009, accuses current Councilman Jamie Hollin of making false statements on a website and in various media about where she lived and worked in an effort to unseat her. The suit also names 11 other members she says were part of Hollin’s “We the People of District 5” group
For his part CM Hollin expressed sadness to the news media that Murray would sue her constituents after an election. On his district blog he expresses his gratitude that the lawsuit is not affecting the co-defendants' participation in community meetings:
I am especially proud of the attendance by those individuals recently named as defendants in a lawsuit recently filed by my predecessor. It is indeed gratifying to know that such a frivolous act had NO impact on their participation in the political process, their service to community and the City of Nashville. Clearly, one can inference to be drawn from the lawsuit was that it seeks to prevent citizen participation in the democratic process. That goal failed miserably, which makes me very happy. My hat is off to you!
It is not clear to this layperson that Ms. Murray has a case given her previous status as a public figure and the inherent nature of hyper-local blogs as expressions of opinion, and thus, expressions of free speech. If she had been a private individual about whom someone was maliciously fabricating myths divorced from facts, then it seems to me she would have an argument.

Besides, how does Ms. Murray have any credibility to bring a defamation lawsuit when she accused CM Hollin of drug use and stalking when he was a lot less public than she was?

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  1. Unbelievable.
    Not content to just take tax payer money and do nothing during her term in office, she is now filing a money grabbing law suit against what has been the best thing to happen to District 5.
    During the floods, I volunteered in the 4 districts of East Nashville. (Districts 5,6,7 and 8) In the 3 weeks proceeding the floods I did not come into contact with one district council member who was involved hands-on with their constituents on a street level basis. Jamie was different.
    I had the pleasure of working alongside Jamie Hollin in house to house cleanup and salvage of District 5. His service to the individuals and families of that district was incredible to be a part of.
    As a team leader in the salvage effort, I had literally HUNDREDS of constituents comment that they would NEVER have seen Pam Murray out there being a part of it. In fact, they had never even seen her at all during her term.
    Jamie Hollin is a rare 'Real Deal' councilman. I have seen first hand his care for his constituents. He is still dealing with individuals and families with helping them through the flood crisis. We are still in contact when he needs help in specific areas. This law suit is a defamation on the people of District 5 and the City of Nashville. Pam Murray needs to withdraw this frivolous money grabbing stunt and keep her mouth quiet. The people have spoken and they found her unsuitable to represent them. Deal with it Pam.

    Go Team Hollin!

    R U Nutts (aka: one of 'Jamies Heros')