Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors' campaign contributors list

Mike Peden forwarded me the following list, which is relevant to reflection on the Vice Mayor's committee appointments, assuming that candidates for office have commitments to big money that they don't have to regular constituents:
  • William Hostetler – Real Estate Developer
  • Ronald Samuels – CEO, Avenue Bank
  • Maeve McConville – Accountant
  • John Dean – no address, employer, or occupation listed on disclosure, but he gave $1000
  • Nathan Ridley – Attorney – Bradley, Arant, Boult, Cummings LLP
  • Van Pond Jr – Architect
  • George Anderson – CEO, Synaxis
  • Kenneth Blackburn II – ATT
  • Robert Joslin – Owner, Joslin Sign Company
  • James Earle III – President, PC Telecom
  • Peter Heidenreich – Lobbyist, Hall Strategies
  • David Cooley – Lobbyist, Cooley Public Strategies
  • Byron Trauger – Attorney
  • Betty Anderson – Attorney, Betty Anderson Consulting
  • Jeffrey Lynch – Financial Advisor
  • M.D. Goetz Jr – Commissioner Department of Finance and Administration
  • David Fox Jr – Consultant, McNeely Piggot Fox
  • David Miles – Consultant, McNeely Piggot Fox
  • John Rayburn – CPA, Rayburn, Bates, Fitzgerald
  • Jane Alvis – Consultant, Alvis Company
  • Ronald Gobbell – Owner, Gobbell Hayes Partners
  • Lee Barfield II – Attorney, Bass Berry Simms
  • Beth Fortune – Lobbyist, Vanderbilt University
There are some major stakeholders and players in Music City Center construction on that list. I see two sign industry big wigs, Bobby Joslin and Jane Alvis, both of whom stand to profit from contracts related to Music City Center construction.

Another thing to keep in mind when you look at this list is that Diane Neighbors has been brought up on ethics complaints by community leaders because of an unethical head fake or two in service to business and developer interests.

Any other thoughts on this list?

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  1. That's pretty awesome that Mike Peden put all these financial disclosure forms online.