Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Compare and contrast: Karl Dean's Japan "junket" not for economic development opportunities after all?

The Mayor's press release on March 11:

Mayor Karl Dean is traveling to Japan as a guest of the Japanese Government today through March 20 to explore continued economic development opportunities between the city of Nashville and Japan ....

“Nashville is increasingly becoming an international city and international companies play a significant role in our local economy – Japanese companies specifically,” Dean said. “This visit ... will hopefully allow me to bring back ... new opportunities to our city as we continue to stay focused on economic development."

The Mayor's comments to the press today from Tokyo via Channel 4:

The mayor said this is not specifically a business recruiting trip, so no big economic development deal or announcement should be expected.

So, did the Mayor go to Japan for new economic development opportunities or for a family Spring Break vacation?


  1. Is Mayor runningg city or is it his wife?

  2. Anonymous,

    Does his wife own a ttile loan company? If so, you may be on to something.

    Dean seems willing to cash Nashville in. He'll be taking the proceeds to pay for his campaign for governor.