Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Metro paying top dollar for young charter starters

A Boston charter school company is dropping almost $100,000 of what Metro is paying them on each of the nuclear-family-free twenty-somethings hired to get new charters running. Nice work if you can get it:

Nice press if you can get it. In the meantime, my kid's unglamourous, underfunded North Nashville public school suffers for a lack of operating personal computers in the classrooms.

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  1. I wonder what Dean advisor Jim Hester will say about this. Hester sends his kids to public school. Hester adamantly told me a few years back that he is not a "private school" guy. This holds true to his beliefs, at least the ones he held to before going to work for Dean. I have no problem with private schools. I grew up in a city (St. Louis) filled with private, Catholic schools. They offered a great education. But charter schools, I don't buy. What will Jim Hester say about this? A Tennessean reporter or other media reporter should call Hester and get his views on this topic.