Friday, March 18, 2011

Community leader disputes council's minority candidates

Local Nashville blogger, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and fashion specialist Genma Holmes challenges those council candidates running for re-election on the claims that commitment to minority spending on the convention center project has been met (you may remember that I recently posted a podcast of Jerry Maynard making those claims):

local elected officials who represent the poorest residents in Nashville voted to fund a project to bring visitors in a down economy with tax payer dollars based on property taxes when a large number of Nashvillians have lost their homes to foreclosure. Brilliant!

The [Music City Center] Project has had its share of controversy which is being swept under the rug now that 2011 elections are around the corner. We are being given the three-piece-chicken-and-biscuit-special speeches while ignoring what the community of color has really gotten from the project. A wing, a dash of hot sauce, with prayers on the side. “We are getting 20% in minority spending”, I have heard a few potential candidates say lately. No one has asked the obvious follow up, “20% of what actual dollar amount?” Please.

The Mayor’s chief cheerleader for the MCC, Walt Baker, was revealed as a racist, at least in his emails. The PR firm debacle was all over the place. And very recently, Metro Finance Director, Rich Riebeling, one of Mayor Karl Dean's top advisers, failed to disclose fully personal business dealings with a prominent attorney and a local engineering firm, which have both won large contracts for the downtown convention center project. Wonder if any color folks bid on those contracts?


  1. I believe Nashville has the largest Metro council in the US, second to Chicago.

    Certain people have wanted to get rid of it. I think we should keep it.

    That said, coucil members need tp step up.

    Where are council members on this issue? Show us the numbers on what minority groups are getting. Especially, Megan Barry who was making a HUGE salary as a Human Resoures person for a big corporate company. Maybe she is still making that three figure salary. Well over $150,OOO per year. I know that because a close friend of hers told me.

    Megan, you wanna bull doze the fairgounds.

    I think how our tax money is being distributed at the new convention center is much more important. Why don't you look out for all of Nashville, instead of just yuppie white folk?

    Megan, you need to get your head on straight.

  2. For those of you considering your vote for Megan Barry, I encourage you to e-mail her. Please ask her questions that are important to you. It's my view, that council-at-large representatives take in to consideration ALL of Davidson County AND Middle Tennessee. I don't think she does. In fact, she told me so via an e-mail. Basically, she is looking out for people who own homes in the Belmont and Vanderbilt area. Is Megan Barry a person we ALL can trust? E-mail her and decide for yourself.