Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jerry Maynard running as "attorney of integrity" with ethical misconduct questions and suspension of his law practice

I still cannot find any reports that the suspension of CM Jerry Maynard's law license has ended. Not long ago CM Maynard expressly and in no uncertain terms told his fellow council members during one of their business meetings that he was no longer practicing.

Yet, he seems to have no reservation calling himself a lawyer on his re-election website, and he indicates that his practice is characterized by integrity while neglecting to mention the ethical misconduct questions alleged about him:

Meet Jerry

Pastor. Educator. Community Leader. Businessman. Lawyer. Political Leader.

These words all describe Jerry L. Maynard, II

....Inspired by Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and the impact an attorney of integrity could have on a community, Maynard chose law as his profession. He earned his Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Jurisprudence from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana..

Maynard began his legal career at Cincinnati's largest law firm, Dinsmore & Strohl, representing a number of Fortune 500 clients. He represented a variety of industries including banking, real estate, healthcare, construction, commercial lending, and faith-based nonprofit organizations. Next, Maynard joined Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN as the Director of Legal Affairs and Risk Management, serving on the executive leadership team that completed $118 million dollars of capital improvements to the campus. Maynard later joined and became a partner at the law firm Manson, Jones & Associates.

Disclosing the charges of misconduct and his suspension may not help Jerry Maynard get re-elected, but they would reflect a level of transparency that could at least be respected. This Maynard campaign habit of playing up his legal career at the expense of the unethical dimensions continues to trouble me.

UPDATE: An Enclave reader has confirmed that CM Maynard is still under suspension and not practicing law by going to the Supreme Court's Board of Professional Responsibility website. Click on the screenshot below to enlarge the record.

If the Maynard campaign is going to continue to refer to their candidate as a "lawyer" the should refer to him as a "suspended lawyer."

UPDATE: An Enclave commenter points out that Mr. Maynard's website may be a violation of his suspension based on the rules of the suspension:

after February 25, 2010, Mr. Maynard shall not use any indicia of lawyer, legal assistant, or law clerk nor maintain a presence where the practice of law is indicated

Now I'm more than a little troubled. Mr. Maynard would risk violating his suspension to score some re-election points?

UPDATE: The title "Lawyer" has been scrubbed from Jerry Maynard's re-election website as of Monday evening (March 28).


  1. He sounds like a perfect candidate for the Dean administration. He and Rich Riebeling would get along fabulously.

  2. Keep in mind, This is the same "Civic Leader" who compared redevelopment of the Fairgrounds property with removing Crack Houses from a neighborhood, on a local radio talk show.

  3. The document regarding the suspension states that "he failed to respond to a complaint of ethical misconduct."

    It goes on to say,"after February 25, 2010, Mr. Maynard shall not use any indicia of lawyer,legal assistant, or law clerk nor maintain a presence where the practice of law is indicated."

    Could Mr. Maynard's website proclaiming him to be a lawyer actually be a violation of this suspension?

  4. There is no Dinsmore & Strohl law firm in Cincy; it's Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP. LOL