Friday, May 25, 2012

Allegations that assaults started at YMCA program and continued at North Nashville public school

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  1. This doesn't at all surprise me. Students and parents (including myself) were all over the school building at my child's school going to and from locations unsupervised. I often worried about a stranger hurting a child when they were alone or while walking to and from.

    The staff from the Y doesn't seem as sharp as when my oldest went to school there years ago. The staff now can often be found on their cell phones or school computers while the children run wild. The children are always sitting at computers or doing free play outside. They also seem to leave the area where they eat a mess too. Are the school custodians suppose to clean that up?

    We have decided to pull our daughter out of Fun Company and have enrolled her in a local daycare that seems much more organized, supervised and safe. All of the children are located and supervised under one roof that is under constant supervision.