Monday, May 14, 2012

Solid waste transfer facility in Cleveland Park

From the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Association to Cleveland Park residents via the Nashville Neighborhoods elist:

Waste Connections, a solid waste services company, is interested in purchasing the abandoned industrial facility on Apex St. between Cleveland Park and Ellington Parkway. They intend to renovate the building and convert it into a waste transfer facility. Councilman Scott Davis notified both Cleveland Park and Greenwood neighborhood associations because of their close proximity to the facility. Residents of Greenwood and Cleveland Park have met with the leadership of Waste Connections to get information and ask questions about the company's plans. Last Thursday, CPNA invited representatives from Waste Connections to be the main agenda item at our general meeting. CPNA’s leadership has been gathering as much information as possible
about the proposed site and the company, which included traveling to one of the company’s other transfer facilities in Memphis.

We would like to share this information with you at this link. We will continue the conversation at our next general meeting June 14th, location to be announced later (likely the East Precinct). All residents of D5 are welcome.

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  1. Years ago I worked in Berkeley, CA at a company called Urban Ore - it's still there and still thriving as the brain child of former Sociologist and educator Dan Knapp and his wife Mary Lou.
    Years ago he got a contract with the city of Berkeley to SALVAGE from their solid waste transfer station . . . turned into a gold mine for him. I used to pull a minimum of 1 ton of usable solid waste from that transfer station - 4 days out of every week . . . back in the early 1990's. Urban Ore still has a general store, a building materials yard and a recycling facility - great place if you're ever in the bay area, it's well worth a visit.
    If anyone has more info about this solid waste transfer facility in Cleveland Park, please pass it my way - or keep me in the loop as time goes on.

    John Barrett