Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Germantown Cohousing meeting

A few weeks ago I blogged on a cohousing project planned for Germantown. According to a previous newsletter, last week the group sponsoring this project were supposed to have held a meeting for interested parties:

Step by step, the Germantown community is becoming more of a reality. All of the details have been worked out in our contract on the land, and we are just waiting on all of the necessary signatures in order to have a contract ....

Currently, the Construction and Development Committee is interviewing contractors to find someone to do the required site work to make sure that the site will actually work. This happens in the first 60 days after the contract is finalized.

The resident list fluctuates as people try to determine whether the location and the timing are right for them to join this community. Those who are considering are urged to attend the Site Design Workshop, scheduled for May 5-8. The cost will be $1,250 and this cost will go towards equity in your home. 

As yet, I have not been able to track down any info on how the meeting went. Anyone heard anything?


  1. Hello, Yes, I was involved in the workshop. There were 14 households represented in the site design workshop and we worked on Saturday brainstorming and discussing goals of the community. The group is interested in a multi-generational, multi-cultural community. The site was designed for some on street parking, a few garages and carports. Bike storage will be included. The community layout is designed in away that as people return to the community they walk past one another for social gatherings and contact on the common house patio. Sunday we worked with blocks and diagrams on the site to position how we wanted the housing, parking, bike storage, garden, play area, etc to be included. It was a lot of work but at the end everyone seemed really excited about it. For now the old Cottonwood tree is to remain and the children's play area under it will include a swing. The common house will have a wrap around porch partially under the tree.

  2. Suggest that Lisa Poley of Shadowlake village cohousing may have some valuable thoughts -- contact lisap98@gmail.com.
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