Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Further proof that conservatives do not object to government spending when it serves their own

These are the salad days for council member at-Large Charlie Tygard. Unlike the past, he is on excellent terms with the Mayor's Office, which is no big shocker. Bellevue just opened a new library and conservative CM Tygard was there for it.

Charlie's long Bellevue nightmare is over (CM Tygard in red-shirt).

Back in 2006 the news media reported that the previous mayor allocated money for a Bellevue library, but that CM Tygard (who was Bellevue CM then) told Finance Director David Manning that he would not build the library for "political reasons." Here is what the press did not report in 2006:

That's not all either Tygard or Manning said .... Tygard demanded that both Manning and [Mayor] Purcell explain to Bellevue residents why they would not be getting a library or more elementary schools. And then, he overplayed his hand: he accused the Mayor of spending less money on the Nashville community and more money on the courthouse and public square, which Tygard called, "monuments to government."

Manning countered with facts that we all know: this Mayor has spent more money on the neighborhoods than any other Mayor ever has or probably ever will. The Finance Director said that if previous mayors and councils had taken steps to maintain and repair the courthouse over the years, then Metro would not now be spending so much to do so now. He also took his own shot at the Metro Council by saying that the mayor spends more time out in the neighborhoods than any Council members.

Anyone who recalls what the Courthouse (and its raggedy blacktop parking lot) was like before the renovations knows that Courthouse Square is a magnificent improvement: a public space (with parking logically below ground) that is a testament to open spaces and free exchange. It is no more a "monument to government" than the new Bellevue library is.

Goodness knows, Bellevue needed a new library, but apparently government buildings are only good to CM Tygard when they serve his own home base. And he did not do those constituents any favors by lashing out at government buildings elsewhere.


  1. There's a disconnect here between your thoughts on this story and the one directly above. In this story, the CM is advocating for the people in his district; you castigate him. In the other story, the CM is not advocating for the people in the district; you castigate her.

    You may not have liked Tygard's comments, but he does for his constituents what (it seems like) you would want him to do.

    1. You may have missed my point that Bellevue has indeed needed a new library. I don't (and didn't) fault Charlie for fighting for his constituents. I fault him for tipping the debate over capital spending ideologically to the point of hypocrisy with the "monuments to government" foolishness.