Saturday, February 07, 2015

The mayor who consistently prefers to train Nashville neighborhood leaders, because listening to them does not suit him

Broken record: another Karl Dean-sponsored training this morning

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  1. Nashville's true leaders are already out there. They are the ones who have been protecting their neighborhoods and their city from Karl Dean. Our mayor is trying to create a following who will do what he wants and label them neighborhood leaders. Sad that Karl doesn't understand that the neighborhood selects their leaders, not him.

    With so many council members and council candidates on the board of the refurbished Nashville Neighborhood Resource Center, Karl appears to be taking over that group too. They are asking neighborhood groups for all of their email and contact lists. Is Karl's plan to take over each group with his new neighborhood leaders who follow him like lemmings off the cliffs of the Cumberland River? He has already sold out our schools to his corporate friends, handed future generations debt for big projects for the Chamber of Commerce, and given away enough tax incentives to ensure a certain property tax increase for the next mayor.

    Just SAY NO to Karl. Real neighborhood leaders don't need Karl to tell them what to do.