Sunday, November 28, 2010

Off the reservation: Hickory Hollow lease critics inside Metro

Over at the anti-preservationist South Nashville Life blog, a Berry Hill small business owner has been putting up a strong, reasonable defense of keeping the flea market and other vendors at the State Fairgrounds. A few days ago he related an experience he had during a meeting within a Metro Nashville government department:
I was at the Metro tax assessor office today on business and asked the representative about the Hickory Hollow lease plan.

A roll of the eyes was the first response followed by the following question, "Why would anyone spend $5.00 sq/ft for mall space that values at between $2 and $3 sq/ft?

It is not a fiscally sound plan that will hurt future development in the mall and surrounding area by setting an unreal precedent."
I found that comment interesting, given that a little over a week ago I received an e-mail sent from someone in that office to council members with the statement:
I was in full support of saving the fairgrounds until we were blackmailed last night with the threat of a property tax increase, what do you all think about that?
It sounds like some Metro bean counters are less than satisfied with the idea of moving small businesses from the Fairgrounds to Antioch.

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