Thursday, November 18, 2010

Troubled by two details on the periphery of the James Weaver lobbying unpleasantness

Numero 1CM Megan Barry has been mum on the question of James Weaver and the possible conflict of interest between being the Fair Board Chair and a lobbyist for CBL, which is negotiating the Hickory Hollow lease to take Fairgrounds refugees slated to be exiled by Mayor Dean.

However, CM Barry has been a professional ethics officer and a business ethics professor at Belmont. She campaigned for her office as the ethical alternative to Metro Council's status quo. So, why does it not behoove an ethicist qua CM to question Weaver's lobbying interests in the context of his Fair Board actions?

Numero 2: When a reporter asked Metro Legal Director Sue Cain about Weaver's possible conflict of interest, she replied that she did not know he was a lobbyist registered with Metro. Is Metro Legal not supposed to show more proactive curiosity about the lobbyists who have also been asked to be public servants on Metro boards? If the lawyers are not keeping up with this who is supposed to? Lowly bloggers?

UPDATE (Numero 1): CM Megan Barry is one of the co-sponsors of the Hickory Hollow/CBL lease bill that is up for 2nd reading on Pearl Harbor Day (Dec. 7). Is her sponsorship keeping her from engaging the ethical dilemmas of CBL lobbyist James Weaver's Fair Board duties?

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