Sunday, February 08, 2015

Today this blog is 10 years old

The last decade was a gas.
Let's do it again sometime.


  1. Mike,
    Your blog is the absolute only place to get the true facts of Nashville's politics. The television and print media in our city either don't get all of the facts, or present the story in such a slanted way one would think they work for the mayor's office or the developers.

    Your blog is a true example of what our Founding Fathers envisioned when they worked to protect Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. Continue to tell the truth Mike and expose the liars, cheaters, and greedy folks who have put our city up for sale to the highest bidder.

    I have enjoyed reading for 10 years and loved every minute of it!! Thanks for taking your time to tell it like it is.

    Grateful Citizen

  2. Amen to the first comment. My impression over the years.....your Salemtown-Germantown brothers & sisters don't appreciate you as much as some of us in other hoods. They owe you thanks maybe more than anyone. A big THANK YOU from this avid Enclave reader anyway. Can't count the number of times reporters veered to cover the lowdown first mentioned on blogs like this. It would've been a different place here without you. Whatever you do next.....keep holding the feet of the powers to the fire, speak truth to them first, and don't take any BS off of anyone.....especially off those fair weather councilmen and ladies.

  3. Would love to read a post regarding the mayor's Nashville Next and the Nashville Neighborhood Leaders Conference. It is interesting to note that the new NNA and Neighborhood Resource Center is being run by a board that includes CM Scott Davis (pro development of any kind and pro Karl Dean no matter the cost), Council Candidates Jeff Syracuse and Colby Sledge. If you read Colby's bio on the McNeely, Piggott, and Fox site it would seem that he is on the Planning Department's payroll for his role in Nashville Next. Mike, can you research that? As a candidate for council, should he not immediately step down from a paid position with Metro? Nashville's neighbors will lose all independence if these people remain on the NNA and NRC board. Seems this guy is double dipping. What's next, under a new mayor he is made head of the Fairgrounds?

  4. When you comin' back? We need you!

  5. Yeah, when are you coming back? I am hoping for some observations on the Sounds playpen now that it's open.
    Something less than the propaganda pieces in the Tennessean and Ledger

  6. Hey Mike

    As a champion for small development, we thought you would like to know that we heard a rumor about the place going in right behind you. The owner says its single-family, but other sources are claiming that its stuffed with apartments to rent. Whatta'ya say? Can you investigate?