Monday, June 04, 2007

CRIME ALERT: Development Still Not Driving Out the Riff-Raff II

At least one HVAC unit was stolen from the Schoene Ansicht construction site at Hume and 6th at some point in the past 24 hours. Police told us at the May Salemtown Neighbors Neighborhood Association meeting that they have been arresting several bands of copper thieves who are pilfering HVACs on unattended construction sites in the area.

This latest crime is unfortunate and does nothing to enhance the security of the neighborhood. I hope that the investors will become more open to working with SNNA--rather than against it as they have in the past--in order to help strengthen our crime watch. They told us over a year ago that they would be putting in lights for their property at the alley, which they have not done. Some of us might have seen the crime if there had been lighting.

At best, I hope that they see that development does not necessarily drive crime out as they keep pridefully arguing; vigilant residents and community policing do. Developers rely on the community that lives here more than they seem willing to admit.

UPDATE from the Police:
We've had a few thefts in the area south of I65/Metrocenter Blvd and west of I24 East, which includes Salemtown/Germantown areas. [The Community Affairs Officer] did get the report this morning on this air conditioning theft. Our detective sergeant has identified someone regarding these thefts and are still in the process of developing a case on him.

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