Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It Does Not Do Anything (Unless It is MY Memorializing Resolution!)

Not too long ago Council Member Eric Crafton tried to limit to one the number of "Memorializing Resolutions" (resolutions that express the intentions of the Metro Council without codifying them into law) that members could introduce. Earlier in the year, he opposed the "English Official" MR that the Council passed overwhelmingly as an option to his own "English Only/First," saying that, because it was memorializing, it would not do anything.

Yet, tonight Mr. Crafton moved--with a good deal of gravitas--an MR to encourage Governor Bredesen to fund Metro Public Schools equally to other school districts. Apparently, he has had a change of heart about the influence of MRs. Even fellow Council Member Jim Gotto, who has in the past argued that MRs "don't do anything," rose in support of Crafton's bid for Metro Public School funding, saying that he hoped that it was not too late for the resolution to turn Governor Bredesen's budget around (Crafton's late attempt to get "emergency" consideration of the MR in May was denied after an objection was lodged that it was out of order; and, in fact, Crafton had already introduced two other MRs that very same night!).

Let's hope that it is not too late for a resolution that supposedly will not do anything!

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