Thursday, June 14, 2007

Scene Fails to Correct Online Article Containing False Info on Gentry

As of this morning, the Nashville Scene's erroneous anecdote on Howard Gentry's night spent with the homeless on the streets during Urban Plunge remains posted with no edits on their website. Instead, the editorial staff buried a correction at the end of the Love-Hate Mail section along with a correction of an error they previously made on an art show. As if slandering a mayoral candidate with a fabricated story posing as fact was on the same level as trifling with a social calendar.

Sean Braisted points out that the Scene's minimalist bygones do not solve the problem of being able to hit on the slanderous anecdote with a simple Google search absent any link to the correction. In all fairness, the Nashville Scene should post a correction at the beginning of the original online post in font at least as large as they use to write:

If they were really feeling apologetic and accountable, then they would strike the false bits in Jeff Woods's piece with a single thin line, too.


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