Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Summers Withdraws Sylvan Park Overlay Bill

Metro Council just voted to approve John Summer's motion to withdraw the controversial Sylvan Park Overlay Bill. Summers continued to waste time charging opponents with a "campaign of misinformation" and a phone bank to influence the January-February 2006 vote, but he did relent.

It is a relief to have this thing behind us, regardless of the outcome (there was never a chance after last year that this thing was going to pass third reading). I wasn't comfortable siding with anyone in this ridiculous episode. Every time I tried to understand the warring sides' particular arguments, I came away feeling like I needed a bath for all the moral grayness creeping around and smothering any reasonable debate.

It was a sorry chapter both in the local history of neighborhood organizing and in the advancement of the idea of overlays.

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