Friday, June 29, 2007

Stormwater Problems Documented on Video

We did not get any substantial rain in the North End today, but we did have a water run-off event that demonstrates some of the ponding problems we experience during storms here. Video provides me a great way to document them and to try out Blogger's new video upload component.


  1. Wow, I'm glad you posted this. The kids here on 6th avenue frequently open the fire hydrant and play in the water. I'm glad they get a chance to play and cool off, but it's dangerous, and not only because of the pooling it causes downhill. The purpose of a fire hydrant is to provide water to fight fires. If a fire were to occur and the firefighters arrived to find no water pressure, there could be loss of life and unncessary property damage.

    Who should I call to come shut off the water when this happens? I've tried calling the water customer service line, but after holding for fifteen or twenty minutes I gave up.

  2. Try the police non-emergent number: 862-8600.

  3. wow - I know all the kids in this video.