Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mayor's Signature Makes Salem Gardens Re-zoning Official

Mayor Bill Purcell signed the Salem Gardens substitute bill that codifies the Planning Commission's recommendation that 3 properties of 6 along 6th Avenue at Garfield Street be re-zoned for single family homes to balance out the exploding number of duplexes in Salemtown. He signed it on Friday.

By the way, I met a couple at the Germantown/Salemtown social over the weekend who own the corner lot across 6th from Salem Gardens. They told me that their plans are to build a zero-lot line structure (zero-lot line = cluster housing development in which individual dwelling units are placed on separately platted lots). One popular source says zero lots lines assume dwindling single-family urban lots and cater mainly to baby boom empty nesters.


  1. How flexible is the definition of "zero lot line"? Our home at the intersection of 6th and Garfield was described as "zero lot line", but I can't really tell it apart from a duplex. It is a single building divided down the middle by a shared interior wall. Is a duplex a sub-category of zero-lot line, or are they possibly synonyms?

  2. Oops, we're at 6th and Buchanan, not 6th and Garfield.

  3. A duplex is simply a structure that is divided into two living units, usually having separate entrances. While some duplexes are divided by a property line, thus making them zero-lot lines, other duplexes sit within the property lines. In a zero-lot line duplex the shared interior wall is on the property line.