Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Council Social Conservatives to Lead Charge against the Metro Arts Commission Budget Again Tonight

Last year these Council Members voted to shift almost $260,000 from the Metro Arts Commission to the Sheriff's Office, despite the fact that there was no request from or need expressed by the Sheriff:
  • Charlie Tygard
  • Vivan Wilhoite
  • Randy Foster
  • Eric Crafton
  • Ed Whitmore
  • Ludye Wallace
  • Harold White
  • Carl Burch
  • Jim Gotto
  • Rip Ryman
  • Jim Forkum
  • Jason Hart
  • Michael Craddock
  • Jamie Isabel
Despite the increase to the Sheriff's garbage detail, I saw no appreciable difference since 2006 in litter collection by the Sheriff in Salemtown.

The social conservatives--lead by Mr. Tygard, who admitted that the cuts were vendetta on Mayor Purcell in 2006--are emboldened in 2007 to cut $1,000,000 from the arts budget to supply identified needs in the employee wages and the library system. Leading the charge this year is Mr. Gotto (perhaps because Mr. Tygard is actually trying to get elected as a Member at-Large in August?).

The arts continue to be tied to the perennial conservative whipping post at budget time. This year they stand to suffer some broad stripes.

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  1. That's really sad. How will Nashville become a city known for the arts if it can't get funding for the arts?

    As an artist, if things like this keep happening, I likely won't stick around Nashville nearly as long as I planned when the Mayor first started talking about developing the arts here.