Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Other Perennial Whipping Boy: Social Services Facing Gotto's $2M Cuts Tonight

Last year, the Metro Council amended the Mayor's budget to slash $60,000 from Social Services, which helps poor people pay their utility bills. Tonight social conservative Jim Gotto will move to raid Social Services to the tune of $2,000,000.

After members vote on this tonight, we will be able to judge whether the Metro Council is interested in spreading pragmatic cuts around year-to-year or in basing their budget decisions on more ideological reasons that have nothing to do with how cold winters can get when some families cannot afford to pay their electricity bills.


  1. Social services stopped helping people pay utility bills two years ago. They answer the phone and tell them to call other places because they have no money to help people. They are spending money on some good things but are wasting money like there is no tomorrow. The executive director is clueless and has a bad report posted on the Finance website. Most of the board resigned so they cannot even meet, and ask they said on Channel 4, "social services is in utter chaos."

  2. That's news to the lines of people down the Salemtown sidewalks for the last couple weeks waiting to get assistance for paying their bills.

    I think you've got some bad sources for your news.