Sunday, January 06, 2008

Not Made Out to be a Lazy Employee; Made Out to be a Wackenhut Employee

NewsChannel5 interviews the unnamed security guard on duty at MEC on December 24 when the laptops were allegedly stolen:
The man, who didn't want his full name disclosed to the public, said he is scapegoat.

He worked the Sunday before Christmas from 6 p.m. until early Monday morning.

He thinks the break-in already happened before he arrived.

"They needed a patsy and I guess I fit the bill," he said.

He said he understands why his company had to save face, but believes they are making him out to be a lazy employee. He said that is not true.
The guy is likely to be right insofar as this security failure involves MEC administrators and IT professionals, General Services security overseers, Wackenhut and the Mt. Juliet security subcontractors, and more than likely officials in the Purcell Administration who failed to install an alarm system.

But he has reportedly admitted that he did not do outside security rounds on Christmas Eve. If the building had been broken into before he arrived then he should have discovered the broken window upon doing rounds. This is no small mistake at any level. He seems responsible for what could turn out to be the largest case of one-shot identity theft in American history. Firing someone in this case is letting them off easy. He'll be lucky if he's not sued if the allegations are correct.


  1. I caught on the news this morning that a lawsuit was filed, was he named?