Thursday, January 17, 2008

Accused Laptop Burglar Admits to Christmas Eve Heist

News release from Metro Police:
Accused burglar Robert Osbourne, who surrendered at police headquarters early today, has admitted to the Christmas Eve break-in of Metro’s Election Commission offices on 2nd Avenue South. Osbourne has been booked on a charge of burglary and is being held in the Metro Jail in lieu of $80,000 bond.

The ongoing investigation into this case by Central Precinct detectives led to this afternoon’s recovery of a computer router taken during the burglary. The place from which the router was recovered is not being disclosed at present. Detectives continue in their efforts to recover two Dell laptop computers also taken from the Election Commission.

Osborne's admission that he is the burglar on Christmas Eve puts to bed the fired Security Guard's contention that the laptops were stolen before he was on duty on Dec. 24.

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