Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mayor Backs Elected Metro School Board

Karl Dean said this in an interview with the Tennessean:

I think our board has performed much better than they’ve been given credit for. I like each and every one of them. They bring a great diversity of outlooks and views to the issues, which is probably, I mean, I would assume that’s why we have an elected board. And I think the board is extremely conscientious, and I would applaud them and I applaud Dr. Garcia for the professional way that what transpired last week was handled. 9-0 vote — they conducted themselves in a way that gave credit to the city.

That being said, I certainly think this is part of what’s going on right now. David Fox and Sean McGuire are talking about schools because, like me, they want to see improvement, like me, they think it’s the fundamental issue facing this community. They’re adding to the public discussion.

That’s not the route I’m taking. I want to work with this school board. I’ve been working with this board. And I think they’re on the same page as me in terms of wanting to work together. And we’re kind of going into uncharted areas. But this isn’t a time for the status quo, and it isn’t a time for doing everything the way it’s been done in the past. And they want me to have a role, and I’m looking forward to playing a role.

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