Sunday, January 27, 2008

Salemtown Streetscape -- Opinion of Costs

Landscape architects working with Salemtown's Advisory Committee to MDHA came up with the following very preliminary costs of the block grant streetscape plan:
  • Demolition & removal -- $16,500
  • Site work (surface treatment, stamping asphalt, etc.) -- $67,040
  • Street lighting -- $249,500
  • Signage -- $97,139
  • Landscaping (depends on a separate grant) -- $22,178
  • Architecture design fee -- $66,700
  • Survey fee -- $3,500
  • Lighting design fee -- $6,207
Factoring in the grant and the contingency costs, the total project cost in this opinion comes to $576,440. The amount of the Salemtown block grant is $589,000.


  1. As a CAC member, do you think the costs are reasonable?

    If this project somehow becomes Nashville's version of the Big Dig midstream, who bears the additional costs?

  2. That's a good question that the committee hasn't yet been asking. We have been more consumed with debating style, placement, and utility.

    The costs don't seem unreasonable to me, and I expected lighting to be the most expensive. As I understand it, the committee has little influence over design fees, which are negotiated between MDHA and the architects after the latter are selected (with committee imput). I am pleased that the signage costs are less than $100,000; I believe that the committee chose the most economical and most attractive sign design in the bunch.

    If the state (TDOF) grant for trees does not come through, I guess the 22,177 for landscaping will be redistributed.

    I will bring copies of the opinion of costs to tonight's meeting and let people see the individual line items.