Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Election Commissioner Changes Course on Laptop Passwords

If we can believe it, good news comes from the Election Commission today. Back on January 3, Ray Barrett told the Council's Public Safety Committee that he did not know whether one of the MEC laptops stolen on Christmas Eve was one of the laptops that he reported as having passwords taped on the outside.

Today the Tennessean reports:
A password taped to a laptop stolen from the Davidson County Election Commission had been changed and could not be used to access voters’ Social Security numbers in the computer, a commission official said Tuesday ....

Barrett said that contrary to reports, a laptop left under a desk was inside a bag not visible to a thief and had an old password taped on top.
The reports I saw on the laptops were based on Mr. Barrett's own comments that I heard him give to the Council committee nearly two weeks ago.

Let's hope that this is the final word on the facts about the passwords and that we other shoes don't drop in the future. It seems fantastic at this point.

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  1. So it will take someone 30seconds to access the info instead of 3. Great. I feel so much better.