Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bubba's Brutality and Obama's Egotism

Once again the best analysis of the Democratic campaign tensions is from Josh Marshall. Today he writes a scathing critique of Bill Clinton's hatchet job of Barack Obama's campaign. It is long and worth a read.

But he also did not hold his punches at Obama and his zealous posse:
I hear from a lot of Obama supporters that that may be how it's been. But Obama is about the 'new politics'. But this is no different from what Bill Bradley was saying in 2000. And it was as bogus then as it is now. Beyond that there is an undeniable undercurrent in what you hear from Obama supporters that he is too precious a plant -- a generational opportunity for a transformative presidency -- to be submitted to this sort of knockabout political treatment. That strikes me as silly and arrogant, if for no other reason that the Republicans will not step aside for Obama's transcendence either ....

I think there are a lot of us who sense an air of arrogance in Obama's talk of transcendence, reconciliation and unity. I think there are a lot of people who would say, I would have loved to have transcended back in 1995 or 1998 or 2002. But we were spending every ounce on the political battle lines trying to prevent the Republicans from destroying the country. It's hard for folks like that to hear from someone new that they're part of the problem, part of the 'old politics'.
I couldn't agree more.


  1. Man are you a buzzkill or what! Obama is trying to do some wonderful things and all you can say is that you think he's arrogant for doing so? That hardcore cynicism is the reason why this country needs a serious change of direction. I hear him speak and I think positive thoughts. I hear Clinton and have to take a shower afterwards to get the sleaze off.

    I think you're barking up the wrong tree here, bro. Better yet, stop barking altogether and start looking for a brighter future. I can live with you not liking Obama, but who do you like? Why? What's GOOD about that person?

  2. Buzzkill? Cynic? Wrong? Bad?

    I thought Obamatons transcended all labels about people.