Monday, January 21, 2008

Even at-Large, Tygard Continues to Push for Bellevue Library

During his tenure as Bellevue Council Member last term, Charlie Tygard's pet project seemed to be squeezing money out of the Mayor's budget for a library in his district. Now that Mr. Tygard is an at-Large member, he seems still bent on getting a library for his own district. He told the Tennessean that the resolution that would authorize tax increment financing for a new Bellevue mall--which I do not support--was deferred so that a library could be included in the plans. That belies a City Paper report that said that the reason it was deferred was because Mayor Karl Dean did not support the plan (unless Mr. Tygard is suggesting that it was deferred because Mr. Dean wants a Bellevue library, too).

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