Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Memorialized in Motion

All of tonight's breathless action in Metro Council came at the end with memorializing resolutions, 3 of 5 of which were sponsored by Eric Crafton, who once tried unsuccessfully to limit the number of memorializing resolutions members could offer to one per meeting. Mr. Crafton offered resolutions on tying student driving privileges to academic performance, on requesting paper ballots for elections, and on asking the State Education Commissioner to recommend whether Pedro Garcia should be removed.

The latter resolution was unanimously disapproved before the Council Meeting by the Education Committee and Mr. Crafton moved to defer but not before getting into an argument with Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors who tried to herd him back to the subject of the deferral when he was giving his reasons for introducing the bill. It wasn't as classic as some of his battles with former Vice Mayor Howard Gentry, but he was prickly and curt toward her. Ms. Neighbors seems to give the members less leash on which to run than Mr. Gentry did, so we need to keep an eye on whether Mr. Crafton spits the bit harder as this term wears on.

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