Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some Folks Were Born Above Identity Politics; Oooh, They're Red, White, and Blue

The other day I dared to differ with local Republican favorite son Bob Krumm on his dualistic contention that Republicans (the Children of Light) don't talk about identity politics and Democrats (the Children of Darkness) do.

Of course, all one has to do is start sorting through various Republican rhetoric to discover that the fortunate one's contentions are, in fact, false. For example Jonah Goldberg--a conservative Republican commentator whose penmanship often appears in the City Paper--made quite a splash on the Jon Stewart show recently touting his book "Liberal Fascism," which Stewart pointed out is a little obsessed with -isms (besides being nakedly hypocritical by describing people who "throw around the word, 'fascism'" as being fascists).

Being hung up on -isms and delineating liberal vs. progressive identities (including claims of which one is more fascist) amount to a Republican talking about identity politics (besides being an exercise in Orwellian doublespeak).

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