Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Is It The Full Moon Or The Summer Solstice Making Downtown A Bizarre Bazaar?

I've already mentioned tonight's honkin' and howlin' protests at Metro Council. And the MSM has got the TennCare protestors on Capitol Hill covered.

But I would be remiss if I failed to refer you to Kevin Barbieux, who has some outstanding pictures of the Southern Baptist Convention, which graces Downtown with its presence this week. My favorites include:
  1. The three men embraced in a group hug who either A) do not subscribe to Jesus' teaching to find a prayer closet to pray in, B) believe that the Entertainment Center qualifies as a metaphorical prayer closet, or C) cannot find a single prayer closet in the Entertainment Center, in which case the SBC screwed up by choosing this venue.
  2. The sign threatening to further clog our courts with frivolous litigation against anybody who disrupts the Convention and welcoming people to stay the hell away. "And stay out of the Woolworth!"

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