Friday, June 17, 2005

Tuesday's Protests At Metro Council And A Couple Of Suggestions

While I can find no evidence of it on the Tennessee Tax Revolt website as yet, an intercepted Democracy for America Nashville (DFAN) communique maintains that, during the Metro Council's Tuesday, June 21 Public Hearing on the Mayor's proposed budget, TTR "will be out in force, honking from their Lexuses and posing for the TV and radio crews." Far be it from me to question the argument that TTR will have their honkies out in force. It is reasonable, given their past actions, to assume that TTR has pre-mobilized and prepared its social capital. However, perhaps DFAN's generalization that they all drive Lexuses is a bit over the top. It's red meat for blue voters.

My guess is that we will see large numbers of protestors on both sides of the budget debate; even larger than the dozens of high school kids that showed up last week to express their support for the School District's requested budget increase. Some in the MSM minimized the teens' protest by saying that they protested "despite the fact" that they were not old enough to vote; as if the only means of democratic participation in public life were voting every once and awhile! I would not begrudge protestors who are of voting age but who either don't vote or are not registered to come out and protest. Why should our sons and daughters be so discouraged just because they cannot vote? If they do not have a stake in the debate about their schools, then nobody does.

One more point about TTR's honkies: they certainly have the right to blast their horn as they drive down Polk Ave. past the old library on Tuesday, but I wish they would stage something with a little more theatre. They don't have to look very far from home for some outstanding ideas. The Nashville Sit-in Movement involved a lot more personal risk and thus, a huger impact and higher pay-off. By contrast, there is very little risk to sitting in the comfort and convenience of your own car, honking your horn, and driving away. It's bad form. At least develop a more ambitious strategy.

I also have a recommendation for DFAN protestors: drop your concern with counting Lexuses and develop an eye for license plate numbers, driver descriptions, and various car makes. Might I suggest using Metro's new aggressive driving unit to your benefit: I know I said that the honkies have a right to blare their horns, but I could be wrong about that, especially since drivers are violating driving laws by "using the horn excessively," according to the new police unit. You can still protest while training one of your eyes on a TTR honkie. Once you have all of his vehicle info, just report it here.

Look forward to seeing you all at Metro Council on Tuesday!

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