Friday, June 03, 2005

Just Don't Let This Guy Have Any Power Tools

Each morning I am up relatively early, catching up on my reading or e-mail and getting ready to take my teen to her day camp bus.

Most mornings between 6:00 and 7:00, while I check out the web's daily offerings, I have observed a guy who looks like he works construction walk down the alley in back of my house and head toward the Werthan Lofts renovation (which is where I'm a assuming he works, unless he just gets dressed up in drywall-dusty clothes and workboots each morning before strolling the alley).

This morning I noticed that he stopped at a fence line, looked around, and bottomed-up a Miller Lite bottle. I guess our little neighborhood markets sell beer to that slice of society that prefers to imbibe before breakfast time. Not quite finishing the breakfast of champions, he walked to the end of the alley, chug-a-lugged one more time, dropped the empty in the alley, and made his regular turn (more sweeping than tight this morning) toward Werthan.

I guess he did us a favor by littering the alley, because we probably need to have one of those neighborhood-wide clean-up days and we probably required some external motivator. Assuming he is a Werthan construction worker, perhaps future loft residents will be able to enjoy one day the fruits of his booze-assisted labor.

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