Monday, February 14, 2011

Fairgrounds Fixed to Fail

Enclave commenter fleamarketmom has been reading the Fairgrounds e-mails obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, posted at Google Docs. She discovers more indications of how the Fairgrounds was set up for failure:
There are some 8/5/10 emails [p. 224] between Buck Dozier & Howell Townes about the State Fair deal with Rockhouse.

The Fair Board turned down a guaranteed minimum lease payment of $250,000 (with the potential for more) because Rockhouse was supposed to pay higher Ag exhibit prizes.

Then Rockhouse paid shockingly lower prize monies to exhibitors - an 80% reduction in money premiums from 2009 to 2010. Buck Dozier's email says Rockhouse expected to get money from the Mayor for prizes.

Sounds like Rockhouse had some kind of relationship or understanding with Dean.

Dozier also said that the agricultural community is not happy & it will be tough to get them back in my judgment.

More sabotage by Dean. Hurting the Ag community in 2010 & potentially alienating them from participating in State Fair activities in the future.


  1. Buck Dozier has been asleep at the whee since Dean took office --though it is more like a self-induced coma. Or perhaps he was drugged by Dean.
    I sent Dozier an email about nine months ago asking what citizens could do to help save the fairgrounds. His response, in a nutshell, was we could do nothing.
    Didn't Buck run for mayor against Dean? Correct me if I'm wrong. But Dean won and Buck takes a position paid for by taxpayers and basically twiddled his thumbs. Well, not quite. He was actively involved with the Dean admin in doing all the underhanded moves they could do to demolish the fairgrounds. Dean's behavior is nothing but crooked. Buck is just slovenly waiting on paychecks.

  2. Buck makes $90,000 from taxpayers and hardly ever even came to work until the racetrack vote. He hired a former policeman Ken Sanders to be his assistant and he does not come to work either. The former cop, on a Metro pension, makes $40 an hour to do what?