Saturday, February 12, 2011

She tried to make them get mo rehab. They said, "No, no, no!"

Pam Murray is back and not popularly so:
The former Metro councilwoman plans to open a health clinic in an office space off of Dickerson Road. In addition to standard services, Murray plans to offer care for those struggling with drug addictions, including Methadone.

"The problem is the medication that another doctor has prescribed for them and we need to get them off of that medication," said Murray. "We need to teach them how to deal with certain issues without a lot of medication. Our goal is to get them off of all this stuff."

Murray shared her idea at the site of the proposed clinic Saturday morning. Most of those in the crowd of about 40 residents opposed the plan.

"It sounds like they want the permission of the neighborhood to do that and the neighbors just don't want to give them that permission," said Frank Harrison, the Metro councilman for the district where the clinic is located. "They don't want them here period. And I can agree with them wholeheartedly."

"We have a real nice neighborhood and we just don't want another rehab center to open up in our neighborhood," said LaSonia Garner. "We don't want the fear of not being able to walk down the street."

Why must Ms. Murray empower economic forces that cause some profiled neighborhoods to be dumping grounds for treatment centers that certain other neighborhoods would be widely justified opposing?

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  1. Sorry for your ignorance, it appears that you are truly uneducated on the problems that TN faces with addiction ! This year TN ranks 2nd highest per capita, per prescription in the US, oh wow we drop from 1st last year - woo hoo!! Maybe neighbor's do not want a rehab program and I am not speaking of Methadone, she is proposing other types of treatments in their neighborhood, but " drugs cause crimes, deaths, and ruin lives of the " DEPENDENT" person and also of their families ! Now would you rather be robbed or help cure someone of a disease??
    Somewhere within every family this there is a dependent person ! Wake up people ! You need to be in fear walking down the road, when there are no treatment facilities available, the roads would be a better place after recovery than they are now !
    If a person walks with a cane, they are dependent, if you are overweight, you have an addiction also!! The so called " addicts" fit into the same category. They are human beings that are dependent! This is where everyone needs to be more educated to the fact of problems that tear families apart on a daily basis ! We need more rehab and caring persons like Ms. Murray, in order to try to control this disease that is growing daily !!!