Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Word to your Mayor

Tonight the Metro Council passed on third and final reading the Fairgrounds bill that requires the Fair Board to come up with a master plan for development of the property. CM Sandra Moore made a last minute attempt to suspend the rules to add an amendment, but her bid was defeated by two objections.

Now that the Fairgrounds development issue is back to where it should have started--within the community planning process rather than as a unilateral move by Karl Dean--a sage word for him who would lead us through a more inclusive, communicative process comes from Catherine McTamaney, who took the high road on her Facebook page after the 2nd reading on this bill:

good leadership is more like the steering a big ship than driving a steamroller. You move slowly, you get people feeling ok about the direction you're headed, and you keep the queasiness to a minimum, even in rough waters.

He needs to bring people along, even those with questions, by allowing them a sense of ownership of plans for public property.


  1. After the August election the supporters who want to keep the status quo at the fairgrounds will realize the fairgrounds issue is not a county wide issue at all. For those on Metro Council who think that the fairgrounds issue is a county wide issue, they should run for Mayor and find out if it truly is. After all there is a base of support of 50,000 signatures waiting to elect a new Mayor and financially contribute to a candidate right...?

  2. Fred, You are not OZ. Step out from behind the curtain of "Anonymous".
    You lose credibility when you aren't even willing to put your name behind your statements.

    There are a vast number of people that want to sit down at the table and work out the issues in a manner that can and will work for everyone.

    Nashville is a great place to live, work, and play.
    Aren't you exhausted by always trying to hate everything and not trying to find common ground?
    Put on your big boy pants and come sit at the table with those of us that do care about the neighborhood, the Fairgrounds, and our great city.
    Together we can find common ground.

  3. Anonymous, who is probably Dean advisor, Jim Hester, or some other Dean staffer, should have the testicles to sign his name. Dean folk need to quit hiding behind the spin. If you think you're right, then come out and own it. That's what a real man does.