Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Final estimates on public turnout for the last Fairgrounds public hearing are much larger than first reported

A local news media walk-back of early estimates closer to 1,000:


  1. Does this number include all the smokers that went in and out all night long? Once you go out the building you have to go back through security. Looked more like 1,000 people in attendance to me.

  2. I was there at the meeting. I smoke and went out twice to smoke. There may have been a dozen smokers hanging out each time.

    Fact is, racers aren't a cigarette crowd. Anonymous is most likely a Dean person trying to paint the crowd that night in a bad light.

    I have two degrees from Vanderbilt and a good public high school education. I can count.

    I'd say the crowd that night was easily 2,000 people.

    Were you there?