Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Metro Legal dismisses Fairgrounds opponent's complaint against CM Emily Evans

Two weeks ago I blogged that I would be shocked and suspicious if Metro Legal found anything of merit in Nancy McCune's bizarre complaints against CM Emily Evans.

Earlier tonight Tennessean reporter Michael Cass reported on Twitter that the law department dismissed McCune's complaint.

That confirms what I already suspected: the only wrong here has been done by the accuser against a council member who has a spotless and honorable record of service.

UPDATE: From Metro Legal's evaluation.

Underscore that "if true" part.


  1. So, Ms. McCune has proved herself. She's Nashville's own Michelle Bachman. Or Sarah Palin. Or Christine O'Donnell. Dean is starting to remind me of Senator John McCain. He is in no control of his political future and reaching out for any brass ring he can grab.

  2. It was a shame that someone took a pot shot at CM Evans at all.
    People like Nancy McCune are part of the reason that good people with the best interest for their neighborhood, community, and city do not seek public office.

    Congrats to CM Evans for being thick skinned and continuing to serve.

    Sounds like Mz. McCune needs a hobby.
    She should think about taking up racing.
    She may learn some manners.

  3. Ms McCune should have filed the complaint. No one denied the incident didn't take place just what was actually said and how it was interpreted by the person that it was said to. There should be an ordinance or a council rule that council members can not approach a citizen while they are standing in line to speak at a public hearing. When you go vote there is a 150 foot boundary where a voter cannot be approached or solicited. I'm glad this is over for all parties.

  4. The city has seen the "leaders" of the nutjobs I mean Yellow Shirts in numerous media outlets.

    McCune,Agee,Moorman, and Sledge have all made statements and accusations that were proven to be false and way over the top.

    So a bunch of liars and nutjobs are the face of those who want to do away with the fairgrounds. The majority of Nashville aren't nutjobs and see right through them and that's why the Red Army grows in numbers every day.

  5. I'm glad to see this is behind Evans. Oh there are clearly no "nut jobs" in the red army. Leeds and Campbell perhaps...?

  6. Poor, poor Ms. McCune and Mr. Hester. Contrived story never made traction and was summarily dismissed as baseless. Waiting on Hester to get back to the Flood Remembrance for the Mayor.

  7. Just wanted to check and see if you were lurking, didn't take much to bring you out.

    If I'm considered a nutjob by those opposing the red shirts that's a compliment.

    I haven't had to lie,cheat or steal in this fight and that's something the mayor and outspoken neighbors cannot say......I'm sure they do, but then that's just another lie and the majority knows it.


  8. One could only pray that CW Evens held the highest rank in our city. At least she will come out of hiding and talk to the people who live here, unlike that jackass mayor we have as of now.