Tuesday, February 08, 2011

More previously unpublished Fairgrounds/Dozier e-mails are up on Google Docs for your crowdsourcing pleasure

In January I uploaded 700 pages of Metro e-mails regarding the Fairgrounds released under the Freedom of Information Act, and got some great feedback and tips from readers, both in e-mails and in Enclave comments.

Today I received 500 more pages of Fairgrounds e-mails from earlier in 2010 than the previous batch. If you are interested in reading and analyzing them, then jump to http://bit.ly/i6cQqe. The images in the latest release make the size of the .pdf too large to read in Google Docs preview, but they can be downloaded. I will again blog feedback I get back on the e-mails.


  1. I'm 137 pages into Mark Twain's newly released autobiography, with about 500 pages to go. That said, I think Mr. Twain would suggest I take a look into the new e-mails you mention. I think the stories Twain tells in his book of the follies of politicians past would sound much like Dean today. Twain may not call Dean corrupt, but he would cite Mr. Karl as something of a dumb fox who made his way into the henhouse when he realized the door had locked behind him. Rather than dealing with the situation, the fox decided to call upon some rats and an old badger. Who do you think got ate?

  2. I must agree and find Boyer's Twain analogy quite fitting.I cannot believe thatKarl Dean is a mayor of a major metropolitian city..His political compass rivals that of a local high school student council president.How did we Nashvillian's not get the vetting process right when it came to Karl Dean?..I think,it was because only 100,000 voters cared enough to cast ballots,in a county of over 600,000 residents.Thank -you

  3. Who is the Metro employee by the name of David that is referenced in 151, 153, 288, and 289? Do you know if he is still working at the fairgrounds? How many people Metro employs at the fairgrounds? Seems like public works could come out and cut the grass...

  4. I find it interesting and quite disturbing that The total cost for the five Fairgrounds meetings conducted by the Nashville Design Center was $23,053.50.
    Or as This Email reply From Buck Dozier states,
    From: Dozier, Buck (State Fair)
    To: Townes, Howell (State Fair);
    Subject: RE: July Fairgrounds Invoice
    Date: Thursday, August 12, 2010 12:42:04 PM
    That's about $ 5,000 per meeting. About $2,500 an hour. Not bad work.

    The Fairgrounds paid this much money for those 5 meetings
    Here is the approval for the invoice.

    Please find attached the Civic Design Center's invoice for work in July on the
    fairgrounds process. It is approved.
    Thank you,

  5. David is the good guy out there, lucky to have guys like him and women willing to work as hard as Teresa does.
    It's the dean men like Steve Burton that had no business in those jobs.

  6. Anonymous. David is the head of Fairgrounds Maintenance.

  7. Is the amount the Civic Design Center charged just for the meetings or is it for the total amount of work done for the project? If it is for the total amount of hours worked on the Civic Design study then that price tag might be reasonable. It would be interesting to know how many total hours they worked on their study. From what I remember they conducted 5 meetings and worked on this study over a 4 to 5 month period. Also, keep in mind we paid $300,000 for Eric Crafton to have a special election for English only...

  8. There are some 8/5/10 emails between Buck Dozier & Howell Townes about the State Fair deal with Rockhouse.

    The Fair Board turned down a guaranteed minimum lease payment of $250,000 (with the potential for more) because Rockhouse was supposed to pay higher Ag exhibit prizes.

    Then Rockhouse paid shockingly lower prize monies to exhibitors - an 80% reduction in money premiums from 2009 to 2010. Buck Dozier's email says Rockhouse expected to get money from the Mayor for prizes.

    Sounds like Rockhouse had some kind of relationship or understanding with Dean.

    Dozier also said that the agricultural community is not happy & it will be tough to get them back in my judgment.

    More sabotage by Dean. Hurting the Ag community in 2010 & potentially alienating them from participating in State Fair activities in the future.
    Thanks for posting these.