Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paying one part-time Bredesenista burns a lot of Metro snow-plow weeks

East Nashville community leader Catherine McTamaney works the math on how much Mayor Karl Dean's $64,000 hiring of recently unemployed state administrator Jim Fyke -- once with Governor Bredesen -- costs Davidson County in actual services.


  1. Think of how many side streets could be brined, plowed and salted for the safety of citizens.

    Sending our school bus drivers to a winter weather driving course should be at the top of our list of needs.

    Metro has many needs for funding as Mayor Dean continues to ask departments to trim back budgets.
    The top heavy Mayors office just keeps rolling in fat.
    You can bet that these high profile retirees will be on the front lines of the Mayors campaign trail.

    Better campaigning thru tax payer funding.
    Make Dean a one term Mayor.

  2. I spoke to a contractor this morning working in Hillsboro Village. I asked hiw his drive in was. He said in Williamson County the roads were fine. When he hit the Davidson County line, he said road conditions were poor. That said, we have a lot more roads to keep clear, but I think it demostrates the point the above tweet makes.