Monday, June 04, 2007

Where Were the Tennessean Editors When the Public Discussions Were Had?

I am firmly neutral on an ampitheatre at the old thermal site, but I do find the editorial call in Sunday's Tennessean to include the public quite vexing in light of the fact that the Nashville Civic Design Center held various public discussions on Riverfront Development to get feedback. There will also be a Public Hearing at the Metro Council's second reading of the bill.

Given the public's comments at the NCDC's charrettes, the editors' solution would be simply remaking the wheel and replicating services already rendered. Besides, Metro needs to hurry up and get something built with some more sidewalks so that the Tennessean will have more right-of-ways to clog with its news racks, which seem to have 1st Amendment rights to collect money gratis. I thought the rights were limited to actual people to speak and to write freely.

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