Thursday, January 10, 2008

Former Wackenhut Security Guards Still Have Metro Uniforms, ID Badges, and Entry Keys

One former security guard who once worked for Wackenhut guarding Metro Water Services properties told NewsChannel5 this morning that when he quit he was not required to return his uniform, badge, or key to Metro. He claimed that he could still get into any Metro Water installation using each of these items. NewsChannel5 said that the story grew out of an investigation they were doing on security at Metro Buildings. I cannot yet find a link to the story on their website.


  1. i once worked with wackenhut for 10 yrs. They were very shoddy with inspecting guards and the management of the branch i worked was stealing and was not criminally charged because he was a long time member of wackenhut. hush hush was the word. It was in Florida. Name withheld because of reprisals Anonymous

  2. What i said is true and for the knowlege i have i want to be anonymous for my safety. Anonymous