Monday, January 07, 2008

Is It Zackies Night?

The 3-year-old and I are sort of becoming regulars every couple of weeks now at Zackies hot dog establishment down in Germantown at 5th Av. & Madison St. Tonight was an exceptionally fine night to sit on their street-side patio and down a Chicago-style (brightest green relish I've ever seen) and my own favorite, a dog with their fresh cole slaw and spicy mustard. People-watching across the street at Germantown Cafe is almost as good as the celery salt. It's becoming a daddy-daughter ritual of sorts with the young one requesting Zackies consistently now when she gets out of school (she likes her dog with just catsup and a side of slaw). When mom is otherwise detained, how can I resist that kind of pressure?


  1. Zackies rules.

    Try their Italian sausage with peppers and spicy mustard. To die for.

  2. If you're ever in the mood for company as you head down that way, let us know -- we love their veggie dogs, and we're always up for hanging out with you. :)