Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wackenhut Executive Resigns

According to a WaPo report tonight, Wackenhut chairman and chief executive Gary Sanders has resigned in the wake of napping security guards in Pennsylvania and the overbilling of the City of Miami and a dispute with the Service Employees International Union. WaPo does not mention Wackenhut's possible implication in billing Metro Nashville for hours security guards did not work October through December.

UPDATE: WSMV news is reporting tonight that Wackenhut is not taking any blame for the overbilling, but is shifting blame to a Mt. Juliet subcontractor whom they argue is responsible for the malfeasance. That might be believable if Wackenhut didn't have significant security failures elsewhere. Don't you just love privatization of government services? I wonder whether back in the late 90s when Wackenhut was lobbying the Mayor's Office and Metro Council for the security contract they would have said right out that they would pass the buck for all security failures under their name?

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