Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"Above the Fold" with Bob the Partisan

As much as I would like to let arrogance slide without its comeuppance, at least one local blogger should have to live these strong assertions down "above the fold":
  • Colorado: ....some change in the Democratic direction, but not enough to swing the state. McCain by two.
  • Florida: .... McCain by four.
  • Indiana’s polls are among the first in the nation to close. MSNBC will call the state for Obama soon after the polls close. They want to call it early in order to depress turnout in places like Colorado where polls will remain open three hours longer. Objectivity be damned .... McCain by double digits. 
  • New Hampshire: ...McCain by two. When that is announced you will hear screams from off the set during CBS’ broadcast. Keith Olbermann will openly cry. All eyes—the dry ones at least—will then shift to Colorado and Pennsylvania, both of which Obama will need to win in order to prevail.  
  • Ohio: ...[Joe the Plumber] Wurzelbacher helped McCain make inroads with labor voters nationwide. That level of support in Youngstown indicates a McCain win in nearby Pennsylvania too. McCain takes Ohio by 50,000 votes. 
  • Pennsylvania: ...Pennsylvania won’t be called until late. It won’t be decided until the courts have spoken. That’s not good news for Republicans if the state’s 21 electoral votes make the difference. (The Philadelphia machine plays dirty.) At daybreak the state is still a tossup with less than 10,000 votes separating the candidates.
  • Virginia: Lots of newly registered voters helps Obama, right? Not exactly. 

These are just a sampling of the short-sighted, wishfully-thought, hole-ridden prognostications on Obama's chances at "Bob Krumm: News and Comment." In the end the actual state-by-state results look like they generally followed the cumulative track of the polls taken over time. Pundits win.


  1. Maybe Bob Krumm can be our local Bill O'. Does that make you Keith O?

  2. Thanks for re-posting this. Barack would be disappointed in me . . . but I'm basking in the schadenfreude brought on by thinking about Bobb Krumm's state of mind on election night.