Monday, November 10, 2008

Sucking Up to Red Sox Nation Vanity

Why does Richard Lawson continuously ingratiate himself to Mayor Karl Dean with Red Sox references whenever he writes about prospective minor league baseball scenarios for Nashville? I find his lame attempts to be adorable to the Mayor's Office wicked boring.

And why can't he get over and move on from his issues with former Mayor Bill Purcell? I know a couple a guys at the packie who wish he would. Oh, so don't I!

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  1. Mike you crack me up. Glad you are back from politics to amuse me. FYI that's not ingratiating myself with Dean because of the Red Sox mention, merely describing his penchant for baseball. His team got beat by a team that has sucked for years and it tweaks him a little to be reminded of it. Purcell deserves to be brought up on a regular basis because of some of the stuff he did and didn't do. The Sounds deal he forced is one.

    Maybe I should just put Purcell's name in the column whether it's related or not. Do that Kevin Bacon six degrees of separation thing.

    Apparently you missed the transit issues I addressed in the past month and a variety of others. It would help if you were less myopic. :-)