Saturday, November 08, 2008

My Guys Should Not Be Where His Guys Have Been: Just Let the Snowmobiler Keep the Silky Drawers

While the GOP may be in Alaska rounding up the von Trapp family wardrobe it paid for, certain articles of clothing in the skivvies range should just be written off or reimbursed:
On top of the $150,000 first outlined in Federal Election Commission filings, Palin spent "tens of thousands of dollars" on additional clothing, makeup and jewelry for herself and her family, including $40,000 in luxury goods for her husband, Todd, our colleague Michael Shear reports. The campaign was charged for silk boxer shorts, spray tanners and 13 suitcases to carry all the designer clothes, according to two GOP insiders.

"The shopping continued after the convention in Minneapolis, it continued all around the country," one source said. "She was still receiving shipments of custom-designed underpinnings up to her 'Saturday Night Live' performance" in October.
The silk boxers are vexing. Pre-used underwear definitely fits under the "You break it, you bought it" principle. It's not that I would ever wear silk boxers (I'm an all cotton boxer-brief-hybrid man all the way). It's just the thought of "mixing up the guys" that I don't find appealing.

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