Saturday, November 08, 2008

White Males: Compare and Contrast

[Barack Obama] whose Democratic support comes from blacks, college graduates and affluent voters, doesn't have to sweep white workers in November.

If he loses this group by no more than 12 points ... he'll probably take the White House.

- -Obama Losing White Male Voters Doesn't Elect McCain, Matthew Benjamin, June 2008

Obama performed slightly worse with white women, 39 percent of voters, than Al Gore did in 2000. McCain won the votes of white women, 53 to 46 percent ....

Obama compensated for the drop-off in white female support with the strong 41 percent support from white men. No Democrat since Carter had until Tuesday’s election earned more than 38 percent of the white male vote.

In 2000, white women split between the two parties while Republicans won white men by 24 percentage points. That white male gap was dramatically narrowed Tuesday to 16 points, a trend that began with the financial crisis, and one that allowed Obama to split the male vote overall ....

McCain won only 57 percent of the votes of white men, who were again 36 percent of the electorate.

- - Exit Polls: How Obama Won, David Paul Kuhn, November 2008

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